COOL SEASON ADVENTURES – Oregon December 2017

Now is the time for a winter road trip.

Sunbreaks” — this charitable word in the Pacific Northwest lexicon tells you something about the climate. Yes, Oregon sees its fair share of gray skies, no denying it. But here’s a local’s secret: The changing weather of fall and winter means even more opportunities for adventure.

Hit the road this time of year and you’ll find trails to gushing waterfalls, anglers casting lines in rushing rivers, winemakers stoking fireplaces in their tasting rooms, whales waving from the Pacific and ever-changing landscapes that leave you gobsmacked.

Ready to trade the humdrum for some fresh thrills? Take an ambitious tour through all seven regions of Oregon to see everything that makes the cooler months so cool. But you don’t have to do it all at once. Check out these highlights to start planning your own getaway.