South Dakota Travel Professionals E-newsletter – February 2020

New Experiences in South Dakota

Explore wooded trails, climb rugged peaks, or walk through native prairie grasses. Countless trails lead to scenic landscapes, thundering waterfalls, and invigorating overlooks. Conquer a hiking trail in South Dakota and the journey stays with you forever.

Sioux Falls Food Tours

Experience the most delectable parts of South Dakota’s biggest city with Sioux Falls Food Tours! Whether you’re a local or visitor, there’s no better way to experience Sioux Falls than through the myriad of local cafés, breweries, and restaurants. Eat your way through downtown Sioux Falls or partake in a Cafés & Bakeries, Hidden Gems, or Wine, Cheese & Chocolate tour. You can even customize your tour to make sure you get the best of the best! Let your knowledgeable host show you the tastiest parts of the Queen City.

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